52 Questions I ask myself on a regular basis during cancer treatment

1) how will I go back to normal life after cancer?

2) what is normal life anyways?

3) what happens if the cancer comes back?

4) can I just run away and go on a really nice holiday, rather than dealing with this?

5) are my eyebrows growing back?

6) what was that pain?

7) I wonder how many times I’ve thought about cancer today?

8) how long til I stop thinking about cancer all the time?

9) is it ok to have a 75th miniature hero this afternoon?

10) do I look like an alien today?

11) how many hats do I need to wear today? Just a decorative one or do I need one for warmth?

12) should I shave my hair off again or do I just let it grow now?

13) I haven’t taken any drugs. Should I have taken any drugs today?

14) I wonder when I’ll be able to drink Innocent Banana and Strawberry smoothie again after the vom incident?

15) it’s 2pm is it acceptable to go to bed right now?

16) when will I get my next nap in?

17) do I have to get out of bed today?

18) soooo. About that holiday…?

19) do I have a temperature?

20) is my boob leaking again?

21) Gladys or no Gladys today? 

22) is it warm in here or am I just having a hot flash?

23) is Jeremy Vine the Wikipedia of the radio?

24) wonder if anyone is pissed off with me talking about cancer?

25) how many episodes of How I Met Your Mother is too many episodes of How I Met Your Mother?

26) is Netflix judging me?

27) what shall I make for dinner that I’ll actually want to eat?

28) am I actually 27 going on 70? I just caught myself knitting and listening to Carole King

29) how on earth do people get through this?

30) …maybe I could go to Bali?


32) should I go for a run, or should I have another hot cross bun instead?

33) is eating that going to make me feel sick?

34) I wonder if I should text my BCN about that?

35) did that stranger just hear me do that massive chemo burp right in the middle of the park?

36) does anyone think I’m just hiding Voldemort under my hat?

37) what colour will my hair be when it returns?

38) how many colours can I dye it when it returns?

39) who is going to headline Glastonbury 2016? (BY HOOK OR BY CROOK I WILL BE THERE)

40) is it bedtime yet?

41) I wonder how long I can make Chris take off work after I’ve finished treatment so we can go on an adventure


43) is it cold in here or do I have a temperature?

44) A&E? Again?

45) do my drawn on eyebrows make me look surprised today?

46) do the people I’m seeing today warrant a WHOLE face of makeup or just eyebrows?

47) how many headscarves is too many headscarves?

48) do I look like a fortune teller today?

49) do I look mystic Meg today?

50) is it nearly over?

51) how much of a buzzkill is cancer?!

52) can I run away to somewhere abroad and sunny yet? Anywhere will do…just give me a beach and a cocktail and maybe some banging scenery.

2 thoughts on “52 Questions I ask myself on a regular basis during cancer treatment

  1. Brit says:

    I can really relate to many of you questions and have asked myself the same over and over again. I’m sure we will both get through this and have great journeys to beautiful and sunny places afterwards. Regards Brit

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