Operation Barnet Be Gone

As many of you will know, I was fairly perturbed about losing my hair because of the nonsense. Having had hair longer than Cousin It’s as a child, I rebelled at 18 and lopped the whole thing off in one fell swoop. From there, I dallied with hair of varying lengths, often deciding to let it grow then giving up at the first fluffy ended hurdle and heading back to the hairdressers for the chop.

Some time ago, I finally committed to growing my barnet and despite many, many discussions about getting it cut short again, I stuck with it and grew hair that I loved more than I ever had before (thanks fringe, you really helped with this one).

Alas, as you all know, a cancer diagnosis came along and ruined my plans. I was told straight away I would lose my hair during chemo – including, eyebrows, eyelashes and…I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. And (I know this sounds painfully vain) I was cross about it. I had worked SO HARD to get hair long enough to plait and not only was cancer going to take away my boob and make having kids much trickier, it was going to take my hair. Not cool cancer, NOT COOL.

So I took things into my own hands, flipping cancer the good old fashioned bird as I headed to see my family hairdresser, Bev, first thing this morning to get my hair cut on my own terms. I figured, after a suggestion by Chris’ sister Kathryn, that if I was facing losing my hair and I was going to take it off before it started to fall off, I would donate it to someone else in need. Cue The Little Princess Trust. Luckily, I have enough hair to donate to this incredible charity, who make wigs for little girls who are suffering with cancer. I’m getting through this quite fine, but I can only imagine how terrifying this must be for a little girl and facing hair loss as well must only make things worse. If my hair can make one little babe feel beautiful again, then that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to take. And that is not cancers decision.

So here are a couple of snaps from the morning…Bev asked me to clarify that the last pic on the collage was NOT a final cut…



imageThough I definitely would have liked to keep my locks forever, if I’m gonna lose ’em, I might as well lose them this way. Thanks so much to Bev at Upperkutz in Northallerton for making what could have been a pretty miserable experience so much fun and for sending me out of her salon with this dreamy do.

Also it’s surgery on Monday so I’ll be off the grid for a little bit. Next time you hear from me, I won’t have cancer anymore! I’ll still be having chemo later, but the nonsense will be GONE.

9 thoughts on “Operation Barnet Be Gone

  1. Kate says:

    Hey Alice
    Am a doc (anaesthetist) down in Devon, found your amazing blog randomly, will be passing it on to a friend of mine who has BRCA gene and going for surgery soon
    Hardest thing to adjust to a new and uninvited version of your life- and you are doing such a fab job
    Everything will go good on Monday, they will take great care of you (anaesthetists are the best!! 😉)
    Will be thinking of you

    • alicemaypurkiss says:

      Hey Kate, so glad you stumbled upon my blog. Thanks so much for your lovely words and for passing my blog on to your friend – hope she’s doing ok at this mad time! If you’re anything like my anaesthetist was, you’re a pretty awesome doctor, so keep up the good work! Much love xx

  2. Em says:

    Hi Alice,

    I’ve just found your blog (through Hannah Gale’s twitter) and wanted to send you a big, high-pitched “Hellooo” and a big virtual hug for such a fab blog. Your spirit is amazing. As is your pixie crop, love it! You’re giving hope to so many of us; those who have always read your blog, those who will nip back and forth to check how you’re doing, those who will stumble upon it in the midst of calamity and find a little warm, glowy lightbulb. Thank you, you’re doing all the sass. xx

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