ChattyFeet, I got those ChattyFeet…

If there’s one thing I’m known for amongst my friends, it’s for rarely wearing matching socks. It’s not just wasting the time to pair ’em up, I often feel like wearing two socks that are exactly the same is just a bit dull, whilst wearing black socks is pretty much against my religion. I express my personality every other time I put on an item of clothing, so why should my socks be bland and boring? You can imagine my delight then, when I stumbled upon sock brand ChattyFeet, who aim to stop socks from being dull.

Now if you know me, there’s a chance you’ve heard me banging on about ChattyFeet over the last couple of months. You were also likely to get then as a Christmas gift (my entire and extended family were all gifted a carefully selected pair – I think I ordered 12 pairs in December!) but they are created by the former senior designer from my office, Humber-toe and his partner-in-crime Gil. The duo were sat together a couple of years ago when they decided that being a grownup can be a bit of a humdrum sometimes and they wanted to inject a bit of fun back into adult life. Then ChattyFeet was born!


With the likes of Brad Feet, Professor Brian Sox, Yoko Mono, Commander Awesome, Venus and many, many more, there’s so much choice when picking out ChattyFeet socks. Making sock drawers across the country more exciting, these are the kind of socks I can get on board with wearing a pair of, which I’m sure will delight my good friend Andrew.

From today and for the next week, ChattyFeet are giving away 10 sets of socks for Valentine’s Day – with a men’s pair and a women’s pair in each set. Enter ChattyFeet’s Valentine’s competition here to be in with a chance of winning one of five sets of Sandy & Danny (pictured up top) or one of five sets of Commander Awesome & Venus (above, middle). The competition runs from today (1st Feb) until midnight on the 7th Feb. Winners will be picked on 8th Feb.

If you’re not lucky enough to be a winner, ChattyFeet are available over on their website or on NotOnTheHighStreet. Here’s a glimpse of the other styles they’ve got available.



Good luck!

Disclosure: I received two pairs of ChattyFeet socks (Kate Middletoe and La Diva – LOVE!) to share this competition with you  – but the other four or five pairs in my house have all been purchased because I think they’re awesome.

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