2015 Travel Wishlist


I often refer to myself as a travel lover who stays stationery more than I’d like. I’ve been so lucky over the past couple of years to travel to some amazing places – from Florence to Barbados to Austin and beyond, but all these places have done is fuel my perpetual wanderlust and leave me desperate to see more of the world.

I mentioned Stacey’s blog in my post about the New Forest. Despite having known Stacey for a while, I only just discovered her blog and as such stumbled upon her 2015 travel wishlist at the turn of the year. I loved the post so much, I decided to jump on the bandwagon – so here’s my very own travel wishlist. I’m not sure I’ll get to all of these places in 2015 but if I do that’ll be a pretty good year in my book. We can but dream, eh?

Durdle Door

durdle-doorPic Credit: LondontoDurdleDoor

I thought I’d start close to home with the obscenely beautiful Durdle Door. You would not look at the stunning blue seas and lush beach and think it was in the UK. In my geographical ignorance as a Northerner, I wasn’t even aware of the Durdle Door until Poppa Purk suggested that, in my quest to find the best beaches in the world, we investigated the South East and West coast. A bit of googling led me to some stunning pictures, and I’ve been dreaming of visiting this part of the world ever since.


A lot of people I know have been to Sweden lately, notably Stockholm, and I cannot deny they’ve made me incredibly eager to explore this part of the world – one that I’ve not even scratched the surface of. Dubbed one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, I’d love to see the boats on the water in the summer or feel the fresh chill in the air in the winter. I’ll go anytime, not remotely fussy.


In September, Chris and I will be celebrating a pretty big anniversary. Seeing as though we haven’t bothered to mark the nine before this one, we decided it might be nice to celebrate them all at once with a road trip around California. None of this is booked yet and we still have a a lot to work out, but the (vaguely outlined) dream would be to start in San Francisco, visit Yosemite, stop in at Las Vegas, drop by Morro Bay and finish up in LA.


It’s a long time since I’ve been to Paris. Too long in fact. Living in London, hopping on the Eurostar is so easy and often incredibly affordable if you book in advance . I know Paris often gets a bit of a bad rep as being dirty and over-priced, but I’ve never seen it that way. It’s just Paris – with it’s beautiful streets, stunning architecture and wonderful culture. I’m ever so keen to go back in 2015.


A couple of friends visited Prague a few years ago and came back with tales of an incredible European city worth exploring. Flying to Barbados left me with enough Avios points to explore the continent a bit more, so I’m hopeful we’ll make it to the Czech Republic’s capital in 2015. I’ve admired photos of the city’s night lights reflected in the river and the gorgeous bridges across the water for some time. I’d love to take my camera and take some pretty little snaps for my own collection.

New York

Until I’ve made it to NYC, this city will remain on my list. I’d love to catch a show on broadway, see Times Square lit up like a Christmas tree, watch the activity in the harbour, admire Lady Liberty on her perch overseeing the city – all of the touristy things. And the food. I’d just like to eat all of the food.


I don’t think words are really required when you’ve a photo like this to show off  a place, but Iceland has been on my list for as long as I can remember. When we went to Florence last year, we very nearly chose Iceland instead. I’ve always been captivated by the magnificence of the Northern Lights but I’m eager to bathe in the geothermal pools, go whale watching and witness the geysers doing their thang.


This one isn’t so much on the wishlist as on the “definitely going to happen” list. We managed to bag ourselves tickets to Glasto 2015 back in October and I am so, so looking forward to it. This will be my third time at the festival and it’s almost impossible to describe how incredible it is to someone who hasn’t been. I also don’t have many pictures, because I use it as an opportunity to switch off from the world and as such don’t take my phone with me. The snap above is a photo of a photo taken on a disposable camera. I’m not wishing the year away, but roll on June and hanging out in front of the Pyramid.

Of course, whichever of these places I make it to, you can expect to see plenty of photos and hear all about it when I return. I’m still hoping to travel 12 times this year. Maybe we’ll get a couple of these checked off before the year is through.

What’s on your travel wishlist for 2015? Where have I missed?!

I actually cannot believe how the last post I wrote on here went down. Not only did loads of you stop by to read it and leave your comments (THANK YOU!), I manage to get an edited version of it up on the Huffington Post too and for a day or so I was one of their featured bloggers. Which was entirely mad. I cannot say enough how grateful I am for all of the lovely comments online and in real life – you’ve all helped spur me on to get my finger out and write more in 2015. It is, after all, what I do.

7 thoughts on “2015 Travel Wishlist

  1. Helen says:

    My travel wishlist is very similar to yours 🙂 I’m off to Durdle Door in the summer…I Just love it down there. Copenhagen is the top of my list at the moment 🙂

    • alicemaypurkiss says:

      Ohhhh I didn’t even think of Copenhagen but now that you’ve said it…! I’m hoping to get to Durdle Door in the spring – if only so I can get something checked off the list. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂

  2. Paola says:

    Hi, I like your travel wishlist, is similar to mine. Unfortunately this year I had a cancer, so between surgery and chemotherapy, I could not move so much😔.
    But this summer I spent 4 day in Copenaghen and one in Malmo, beautiful cities, good vibrations😉
    This week I have finished my treatments so I can start to travel again! 😊

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