Challenge 13 and Challenge 14

This week, I’m combining Challenge 13 and Challenge 14 in a bit of a cheat. As mentioned a couple of months ago, I’ve decided to share the video of all of my Everyday’s so far every now and again – so that if something goes terribly wrong, I’ve got the majority of the pictures saved somewhere safe! I do worry that this challenge is a bit indulgent, but believe me, taking a photo of yourself can be a bit of a bore. Hope it’s not too much of a bore for you.

And if you want it in double time, check this one out:

Just to keep you in the loop, I’ve also managed to reschedule the 3 Peaks challenge, so I won’t be hitting up the glorious hills of Horton in Ribblesdale until 14th May. Happy days. No running a 5k the day after walking a marathon up and down hills.

It’s Easter this week and I’ve just purchased a keyboard for my iPad, so I’m hoping to sit down and get some serious blogging done while I’m taking a bit of a rest from househunting, work and 25at25.

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