Challenge 13 – What’s the Point of It?

The title of this post isn’t referring directly to Challenge 13, obviously! But I dragged Chris along to an exhibition by artist Martin Creed called “What’s the Point of It?” on Sunday afternoon.

Billed as playful, thought provoking art the exhibition spans the entirety of the Hayward gallery. For me, it’s dominated by a few main points of interest – the giant neon Mother sign which stands at 12 and a half metres wide and rotates at variable speeds to the sounds ticking metronomes, to the three outside patio spaces and the balloon room – packed full with white balloons, aiming to “package and make visible” the air that surrounds us.

It’s an interesting exhibition – one that I really enjoyed walking around. It’s full of colour and texture and interesting shapes but the real draw was definitely the balloon room, which combines static, a bit of claustrophobia and completely unadulterated joy – and creates this week’s video blog, but only for 17 seconds.




I don’t want to say much more because a lot of it is things you have to see for yourself, but it’s running until 5th May and is £11 to get in. Worth it, just for a few minutes to immerse yourself in the youthful fun that balloons always encourage.

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