Challenge 13 – You’ve Got to Change Your Evil Ways

You may (or may not) have seen an outtake from American Hustle which cropped up on the interwebs last week. The video shows everyone’s best friend Jennifer Lawrence angstily lip syncing along with the classic song Evil Ways whilst cleaning her. Last week, I put out a plea for video blog suggestions, and the lovely Vic responded by suggesting I recreate it for this week’s video blog. So I obliged.

Now it’s obviously nowhere near as good – and the camera work is notably less decent. I also failed to find an awesome smock to wear whilst filming this. But I hope you’ll notice the flick in my fringe and appreciate the dollop of attitude I stole from JLaw. I’ve posted her video below too (watch that, it’s a lot better).

Post about ballroom dancing coming soon – but I’ll tell you this much. I bloody loved it!

PS: For reference, Chris has no evil ways. He doesn’t have to change any. He’s very nice. Good to great some might say.

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