Challenge 13 – Hot Pilates and Other stories

Soooooo sorry for the delay friends. No excuse, I’ve just been a bad video blogger this week. This challenge is starting to get pretty tough. Coming up with something new to chat about that people are actually interested in seeing that doesn’t take a lot of editing skills (of which I have very few!) every week is tricky but I’m obviously going to keep ploughing on.

I’m thinking of moving video blog day to the weekend, in the hopes that I might find something more interesting to share with you guys. If you’ve any suggestions, I would love to hear them. Please drop your ideas in the comments below!

If I’d thought about it earlier, I’d probably have recorded Chris and I getting stuck in a bog on Tooting Common earlier today, but I didn’t. Though that was mega lolz. I got verrrrrrry muddy feet and ruined a pair of shoes but that’s a story for another day.

Here’s some chat from this week – hot pilates and other stories…

We’re off to Florence on Tuesday, so expect lots of photos on Instagram, a travel post upon my return and a little absence on the blog this coming week. Thanks for sticking round guys!

One thought on “Challenge 13 – Hot Pilates and Other stories

  1. Sophie says:

    I totally read ‘bog’ as the northerner I am…luckily I know the real story and it didn’t include getting trapped in the loo!

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