Challenge 16 – The Circle Line Challenge. COMPLETE

Yesterday, myself and a wonderful selection of friends spent the majority of the day on London’s Circle Line for Challenge 16. The premise was a simple one – to ride the ENTIRE circle line, getting off at each station and taking a picture with the sign, and then either writing a poem about the tube and the surrounding area or going to the nearest pub for a beverage.

And we did it! From Victoria right back round to Victoria (that’s 27 stops I believe), with a lot more poems than required and definitely drinks I lost count of. Particular highlights include writing poems in between stations, rushing off the train, taking the photo and jumping back on the train before it left the platform. There were a couple of close shaves, but it was such an adrenaline rush. WHO KNEW!

Here’s all the photos and poems for your delectation. I know, I know. I’m sure someone will be contacting me to publish a poetry collection before long. Watch this space.

Prepare yourselves for an obviously photo heavy post.


When you get to London Victoria,
What a sight you’ll see before ya,
You’ll be in a state of euphoria
Please come and visit, I implore ya!

St James’ Park
Oh what a lark!
Don’t go in the dark
Scary dogs bark

Westminster’s where the politicians rule
They don’t do it in a swimming pool
They won’t be taken for a fool
Unless they’re sent home from school


Embankment is right by the river
Don’t jump in, it’ll make you shiver
The Thames will leave you all a quiver
And probably upset your liver

At Temple you’re close to Somerset House
If you fancy you might drink Famous Grouse
Temple station really lacks in charm
If anything, it mainly smells like a farm

Blackfriars – DRINK


At Mansion House
You might find a spouse
Watch out for a louse
If you’re a traveling Scouse

Canon Street
Gives you smelly feet
When you walk to the beat
I’m not called Pete

At Monument there’s a real tall tower
Probably showing a man with massive power
Who made loads of people really cower
Possibly not, but it’s still pretty wow-er


Tower Hill – Drink

At Aldgate there’s not much to see
So staying on the platform we will be
No shots or drink for us this time
For now we’ll stay as we are, just fine.

At Liverpool Street
I follow my feet
To a pretty cool beat
On an East London retreat


On Moorgate you change to the Northern Line
The best place to leave you feeling fine
At rush hour it’s really not divine
So avoid it if you’ve not got a lot of time

At Barbican there’s lots of plays
And dances and ways to spend your days
So head out of the tube and cast your gaze
And waste some time in a number of ways

DRINK and Poem
Farringdon is close to where I work
Sometimes around there I like to lurk
In the office I don’t like to twerk
Pretty sure if I did, it would not be a perk


At Kings Cross
You’ll find a boss
Whose not at a loss
For a rolling stone with moss

Excess hair
In Euston Square
An apple or pear
And many a stair

It’s not Baker Street yet
It’s Great Portland I bet
I’m all ready and set
For a photo now pet

bakeredgepad.jpgBaker Street – DRINK

Edgeware Road – DRINK

Paddington is where they found a bear
They picked him up without a care
They put him in some underwear
Then they ate some tasty Peruvian fare


Bayswater is a really nice space
My friend Andrew is a disgrace
But our friend Sarah has a nice face
We’re going to eat in a pizzeria place

In Notting Hill they made a film
With Hugh Grant and without a kiln
There’s a carnival once a year
When everyone comes out filled with cheer

High Street Ken is for posh folk
I’m kidding really, that’s a joke
But at Harrods and Harvey Nichs prices make me choke
But I still like to go there for a poke (around)


Gloucester Road is somewhere I don’t know
Or somewhere that I ever go
Still I hear it’s pretty nice
Except when it’s covered in ice

South Kensington is where people go to learn
At museums for the knowledge they all yearn
Science and history, it’s lots of fun
Till it gets all busy at Half Term, then I’m done

Sloane Square is where people look at art
Especially if they’re super posh farts
I don’t mean it, everyone is welcome
But mainly if I only like them.


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