Ropewalk @ Maltby Street Market

photo (16).jpgLast week, Chris’ family came to visit us for a few days. Being a host in London is often something I find a bit tricky. I always feel quite nervous about making sure guests see the very best that this amazing city has to offer. I really like showing off some of the special and different hidden gems in our city, but Chris’ Mum and Dad are seasoned London visitors, so we had to really think outside the box for somewhere wonderful to go. I asked around at work, and my colleague (and friend) Jane recommended Maltby Street Market.

Based just a few minutes walk from the oft overcrowded Borough Market, Ropewalk at Maltby Street Market is a quintessential slice of London life that seems to remain almost untouched by tourism. Though it’s busy, it’s not overwhelming – it’s easy to manoeuvre through the crowds, see whats on offer at each stall and the smells of the gorgeous food aren’t lost in amongst the bodies.

more foodWith everything from cookies the size of your face to more cured meats than you could shake a stick at and a whole range of delicious lunches for you to enjoy with enough cakes for even those with the sweetest tooth to enjoy, Ropewalk has something for everyone. Though we didn’t stop for lunch, I couldn’t resist picking up a slice of smoked salmon on artisan bread from Stoke Newington’s Hansen and Lydersen. Though it was £3 a slice, it was worth every penny.

maltbystreetfoodWe also picked up some completely divine chocolate truffles (pictured left) to enjoy during Les Mis later that night. At £7 per 100g, again these weren’t cheap but they were truly luxurious. I wanted to eat everything and plan to return again and again to eat as much of the produce on offer here as I can. The Little Bird Gin bar was incredibly inviting too – with gin based cocktails served in glass tankards with pastel striped straws – so I’ll no doubt be returning for that too.

maltbystbitsandbobsTucked away at the entrance to Ropewalk, Lassco is a really interesting shop to stroll around too. A bit of a curiosity shop come vintage store, it’s full of little treasures and it’s easy to spend a good 20 minutes strolling round. I particularly loved this vintage typewriter, no smoking signs and this (not so vintage but still ultra cool) London themed cushion cover.

Maltby Street Market runs on a weekend from 9am to 4pm on Saturday and 11am to 4pm on a Sunday. Go. You won’t regret it. And pick up a Mama’s the Word pork sandwich for me please, the smell was driving me crazy on Saturday.

*Excuse the picture of the Shard which I’ve shoehorned into this post, I took it while we were out and about on the river a bit later that day, and loved it so just popped it in the post too.

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