Challenge 15 – A Bad Run


On Friday night, I went out at around 6pm for one of my Couch to 5k “run walks”. It’s getting to the stage now where I’m predominantly running, with only short recovery breaks. I was so proud of myself on Friday. I felt like I really smashed the run, and ran for an extra seven or eight minutes than the program directed and I clocked a full 5.5km. I pushed really hard. It was a good run. I never thought I’d say that.

On Saturday morning at about 11am, I tried to go out and run another run. I was still kind of on a high after Friday night’s trip out and I was feeling good that I could do something to make me equally as proud of myself. But as soon as I started running, my body got cross with me. My shins hurt. My legs didn’t want to move. Chris reassured me that it’d get easier and I’d start to loosen up a bit as we carried on. I didn’t. It just got harder.

It was raining. It was incredibly windy. It was cold. It was a struggle. My six minute interval run seemed like an eternity (which I know sounds ridiculous to many). I was frustrated. I was angry with myself. I hadn’t had enough breakfast, I was running on empty and I knew about it. But still I finished the run, despite a few momentary pauses and missing the last memo that it was time to walk because the wind was howling too loud.

I spent quite a bit of Saturday mulling over the fact that I’d had my first bad run, but after a while, I started to realise that despite the fact it was a bad run, I hadn’t given up. Yes I was slow and yes I got annoyed with myself but I carried on until I finished. And that’s something that I can be proud of. A friend Tash said to me that the weather was so bad I had to “feel pleased and virtuous — not nice weather to do anything in, let alone run.” And she was right.

So I decided that I would go swimming yesterday and do a KM to give myself something to be proud of again. And on Wednesday, I’ll get back to it, and push as hard as I can and just keep running until that 5k is MINE.

4 thoughts on “Challenge 15 – A Bad Run

  1. Lisa says:

    Well done on pushing through. I started the Couch to 5k programme two years ago in April and promptly gave up because of the weather before starting it again that summer, so I have a massive amount of respect for you for doing it in January and February! I know it’s probably frustrating but sometimes you do have to listen to your body and give up on a run, not regularly, but sometimes. Plus, I always find that a run the day after I’ve been on one is always much much tougher.

    Keep going and good luck.

    • alicemaypurkiss says:

      Thanks so much for your comment and lovely words Lisa! Generally I don’t mind running in the rain but Saturday was a totally different kettle of fish. As a new runner, it’s hard to know when it’s ok to give up sometimes, so it’s so nice to hear someone with experience say, once in a while, it’s fine. I’ll be updating my progress here and on Twitter no doubt. Hopefully that 5k will be mine verrrrry soon! X

  2. Frankie says:

    Good for you! I’m in my fourth week on an 8 week 5k runner programme and had my first really tough run tonight.
    Going from running for 2 minutes to 3 minutes felt easy but trying to run 4 minutes felt ridiculously difficult. I stopped came home and cooked pasta.
    And tomorrow I will try again.

    • alicemaypurkiss says:

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Running is such a challenge, but one that is worth the rewards I think! I was supposed to be going out again tonight but couldn’t face it in this horrid weather. I found 4 minutes tough at first but it’s gradually getting easier. Hope your most recent run went better than your last! Good luck to you lady! X

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