Fabulous Fashion – Brand Love


Every once in a while, a fashion brand crops onto my radar that is right up my street. The most recent of these has to be the awesome Keep it Bright. As seen on the likes of Ella Eyre,  Misha B, Ed Sheeran and the guys from Bastille, this “positivity movement, clothing brand and way of living” has come out of Manchester and landed right on computer screens across the globe with powerful messages and touches of brightness.

Not only do Keep it Bright show off creative typography on lust-list worthy garments, they’re a brilliant way to remind us to check ourselves if we’re feeling a little down. Without sounding like a total dork, I can’t imagine ever pulling on the “life is beautiful” sweat (my favourite) and not feeling enveloped by it’s positive vibes. Plus the detailing around the neck on that little number is just divine. I’m a huge fan of pretty typography at the best of times, even when it’s not splashed across clothing in the form of a motivational message.

keep it bright Life is Beautiful Sweat | Choose Happiness Sequin Dress | Be the Change T-Shirt | Count Your Blessings Sweat

With clothes for both men and women, there’s plenty of Keep it Bright love to go around, and if you’re not enamoured with the sweats, tees or sparkly dresses, there’s a glorious selection of accessories (including some loooooovely bunting necklaces) to feast your peepers on.

Another brand I’ve been raving about for weeks is the super cool House of Jam. If you’ve seen any of my chattering over on the brilliant London Beauty Queen blog, you might have seen me banging on about them before. Selling original and handcrafted designs alongside vintage beauties, their collections are always incredibly quirky and often unique. When I saw this zig zag bat wing dress last week I fell in love. I don’t recall having seen anything like it anywhere recently.


 Zig Zag Batwing Dress | Silk Pussy Bow Dress | Green Tartan Dungarees | 80s Cross Front Playsuit

As many of you will know, I love a pattern. Or two. Or three. I’ve been known to wear as many as four at once – though I did get dressed in the dark that day – so it’s pretty easy to see why House of Jam is my bag, especially when combined with vintage shapes and cuts. I’d happily don any of these tomorrow for work, though my recent luck with jumpsuits might mean the dungarees might not be super happy on my frame.

The thing I love about these two brands is just how different they are, especially without smashing any budgets to bits. They’re quirky, stylish, empowering and bold – the four things I look for whenever I’m shopping for clothes. Keep it Bright, House of Jam, I salute you and aim to continue filling my wardrobe with your styles.

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