Five Things from this Week

London, Drink Shop and Do, Bobs and Co, Throwback ThursdayI get to do some pretty cool things in London, and I take a LOT of pictures. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll likely have seen these, but I’m awful at captions so I often just leave these blank. I thought, for once – now that I’m trying to be a better blogger, I’d pick five of my favourite moments from this week – so here they are!

1. As a belated celebration for Chris’ birthday, we popped to London facourite Drink, Shop and Do for afternoon tea yesterday. A lovely selection of sandwiches, a cheesy scone with lovely herby butter, a fruit scone with jam and clotted cream, a selection of gorgeous little cakes, a Belini and unlimited cherry tea. Dee-licious.

2. This, my friends, is a LOBSTER ROLL from the incredible pop up Bob’s & Co in St Pauls. I discovered Bobs&Co when I visited StreetFeast at Hawker House in Hoxton (which is back for a couple of months and is completely worth checkin out) in December, where I had their glorious Lobster Mac n Cheese. The cheese sauce is made with a lobster bisque and has fried onions sprinkled on top. The lobster roll is chocked full of crustacean goodness sprinkled with paprika and is in rammed brioche. So very, very tasty.

3. This picture makes me laugh a LOT. This was shortly after Chris and I got lost somewhere in Finsbury Park but found ourselves on a night bus, a little tiddly and this happened. These faces were not so happy by the time we got home around 2 hours later…

4. I couldn’t decide whether to post this or another quintessentially London photo that I took this week of Tower Bridge, but for me this view wins out pretty much every time. The roof terrace of the office looks out over a really glorious London skyline, and recently there have been a couple of Friday mornings when I’ve got into the office at around 8am and the light has just been incredible. This was the view this Friday, and for me, it never gets old. At that time in the morning there’s a real peace and serenity up there you don’t get in many places in London, and that’s a treat.

5. I posted my very first Throwback Thursday on Instagram this week, and chose this excellent picture of me and Big Sis on my first day of school. Highlights of this for me include my awesome cardi (knitted by Grandma and with awesome buttons to boot), my squishy face and big sis’s knobbly knees.

What was your favourite moment of this week?

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