It’s only a game show…

Dale Winton In it to Win It Audition Application

Late last year, my good friend Zeus, who is a game show contestant extraordinaire, pinged me over the application form for a set of National Lottery game shows. I dutifully filled them out, and sent them over with an awkward picture attached and didn’t think a lot more about it.

Maybe a week or so later, I got a call back from one of the researchers on Who Dares Wins. They mentioned that the audition dates were in early November – and I realised I couldn’t make it. I was out of town. The conversation ended. Then one day last week, the conversation started again with a phone call from 12 Yard productions and an invitation to attend an audition for In it to Win It.

So on Friday afternoon, off I popped down to the Grand Connaught rooms in Holborn and found myself with around 30 other people trying out for the audition. It was a pretty straight forward and pain free process. After registering, we got set up with a ten minute general knowledge quiz, then we had to talk about ourselves for 60 seconds in front of aaaaall of the other contestants. I was up first.

As I’m pretty sure I talk about it far too much anyway, it was easy to fill one minute talking about #25at25. I was a bit worried that I’d put too much emphasis on it and it’d be seen as a bit boring, but when the first wave of people were sent home, my name was called to stay. Stage 2 was pretty straight forward and relaxed too. After filling out a bunch of paperwork we were taken into a room with one of the 12 Yard team for a brief 5 minute interview which was completely painless. Just a few questions with high energy and big smiles.

So that was it. Though it was an interesting experience it wasn’t anywhere near as stressful or uncomfortable as I expected. I’ve a couple of weeks to wait to find out if I’ve been shortlisted. Even if I’ve been shortlisted, there’s still a chance I won’t get on the show. And even though they’re filming in March, it’s likely the show won’t be aired until early 2015.

So for now, I’d like you all to keep your fingers crossed. I’d LOVE to get this challenge crossed off with In it to Win It, not in the least because if I get on the show, I’ll get to meet this guy…

Dale Winton In it to Win It Application Audition

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