January Lust List

I know I’m not the only one saying this but January really is dragging. It seems like a decade since I got paid last, and living in the wake of an overspend on Christmas presents has meant that I’ve certainly been keeping an eye on my bank account over the last few weeks. But the end is almost in sight.

Pay day is peeking it’s head over the horizon like the reappearance of an old friend and after a month of such restraint, I’ve certainly been spending a bit of spare time daydreaming about spending the entirety of this month’s pay on a wardrobe overhaul. We can but dream. Anyway, here’s a couple of things I’ve got my eye on.


First things first, this cape coat from ASOS (£45) is currently making my life. It’s painfully cute (in a good way) and the tartan lining fills me heart with joy. When the return of a playsuit I recently bought – I am the wrong shape for a playsuit which makes me very sad – processes at ASOS, I’m aiming to get my hands on this bad boy. It’s perfect for the transition from winter to spring and I can’t wait to try it on.

Ever since I bought my Tatty Devine Pegasus wings which I pretty much live in, I haven’t been able to take my eyes off their website and these lovely little swallow earrings (£25) are just gorgeous. As is pretty much standard, I’m in desperate need of a pair of new boots and after wearing a pair to death last year, I’ve been waiting to get find another pair of brogue style ankle boots for the turn of the season. Enter these bad boys from Office (£68).

I’ve also been lusting after a dress with a Peter Pan collar since they first started cropping up, but this is the first one (Fashion Union – £28) I’ve really, really liked. I love the contrast of the lovely maroon-y colour and the sharp white collar. I can totally see this under a lovely chunky knit jumper and it’d go perfectly with the above dreamy boots.

I vowed I’d wear more lipstick in 2014 and so far I’ve just succeeded in wearing a lot of red. I’m planning on experimenting with hues over the coming months, up next this luscious berry colour from Lord & Berry (£13). Lastly, if I’m gonna be rocking a collar, a statement necklace is essential and I’m a big fan of the geometric shapes in this one (Oasis – £12). Probably not with the swallow earrings as that might be a bit much but I can certainly rock the two separately.

What are you going to be blowing your dollar on when the bank manager’s been appeased at the end of the month?

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