Hello Fresh Review

I’ve been really interested in the concept of Hello Fresh, ever since I first came across them about 10 months ago – I’m sure you’ll have heard “Hello I’m Patrick, Head Chef from Hello Fresh” on YouTube at least once over the last couple of months – so when I finally got the chance to try a box, I was super excited.

Hello Fresh is billed a s a delivery service offering recipes and the ingredients for restaurant quality meals straight to your door. They provide pretty much everything from the staples such as the meat and veg right down to the herbs and spices which take your meal from ordinary into something I’m confident Nigella would be pleased to be presented with.


Our “classic” box arrived on a Tuesday, and was packed with enough ingredients to feed three delicious meals to a small army, complete with the recipe cards to guide you through your cooking experience. Chris is allergic to seafood (SUCH a shame) so sadly we had to opt out of the calamari that was on offer that week, but instead we were sent the goods to make a seared peppermonger steak salad with chimichurri dressing, swinging meatballs with smoked tomato linguine and a grilled chicken and Mediterranean vegetable stack. Sounds incredible right? Right!

I’m a big fan of cooking and aim to try new recipes frequently, so it was nice to be presented with three new dishes to try – and even nicer not to even have to think about battling the supermarket in the post commute scrum to pick up the ingredients. We shared the responsibility of cooking these three dishes, but that’s certainly not necessary as the recipes are easy to follow and quick to create. I found that the dishes took a little more time to prepare than the recipe stated, but the lack of adrenaline from avoiding Sainsbury’s at 7pm meant I wasn’t exactly rushing around the kitchen like a loon.


Each meal was not only delicious (I need a new adjective for food – I know I’m guilty of using this one too much, but it is SUCH a great word) and a real pleasure to eat. The recipes that get delivered change each week, and if like us, there’s an allergy sufferer in your household or even just a fussy eater, there’s always the option to swap one meal out in favour of a “spare”.

At £39 for a classic box with three meals for two people, I’m definitely not earning the right sort of money to fall into Hello Fresh’s target market, but it’s important not to underestimate how much of a premium product this is. Every ingredient we were sent was locally sourced, everything that went into each dish was completely natural and fresh and everything was such great quality too. A friend asked me how the portion sizes were, and I said they were impressive. There’s no way Hello Fresh could be accused of skimping on supplies

So I guess what this comes down to is would I recommend Hello Fresh to a friend and the answer is yes, especially if that friend fancied trying something new and had some spare pennies floating around. Though I don’t know if I’d ever subscribe to a service like this, it’s perfect drop in and out of once in a while. Give it a go!

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