Challenge 14 – Four Months in 24 Seconds

This is a bit of an odd challenge for me. Often I avoid cameras if I can, unless I’ve had a cocktail or two but I really wanted to document the changes in me during this amazing year. Someone mentioned the Everyday app to me, and so Challenge 14 was born.

The idea of taking a photo of myself every day wasn’t – and still isn’t – one that fills me with joy. Especially on the days my hair is refusing to do what I want it to, I look like I could do with another three hours sleep (most), and if I’m feeling a bit rough but I thought using Everyday was a different way to track this year. It’s tough to come up with ways to make this different every day, and taking a photo every day is a bit of a bind, but the result is kind of worth it.

Ever since I’ve started, I have had the ULTIMATE fear that I was going to loose the entire contents of the App somehow, so I’m now regularly generating and saving the video, and I thought that a third of the way through the year would be a good time to share the first part of the video with you. This tracks 11th September to 11th Jan. Prizes* for spotting the day after the Christmas party, the most volumous hair, the day I found my real place in life as royalty and identifying any imposters.

*Prizes is a loose term applied to the high five awarded for correctly identifying the second the photo arrives. Entries must be submitted in the comments. High five can be cashed in at a time of the recipients choosing.

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