Challenge 13 & 22 – #Smile25at25

I think Challenge 22 is one of the most interesting challenges on my list (though let’s face it, they’re all pretty awesome) as it’s really making me think about doing more to help other people. I’m an incredibly lucky person and I think I’m often guilty of taking that for granted. I’m also a generally fairly optimistic person with a fairly sunny outlook on life, so inspired by The Free Help Guy, I want to spread that around. I’m starting my own #Smilebomb for Challenge 22 of #25at25.

It’s pretty simple. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be waltzing round London (as per) armed with a pack of yellow sticky notes and a marker pen, leaving nice little messages for people to enjoy. I’ll be taking photos of them, and tweeting them as I go, and hopefully people who find them will do the same. So keep your eyes peeled amigos, hopefully you’ll catch sight of a little yellow post it note to brighten up what’s been a pretty dreary January.

photo (3)

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