Challenge 1: London Fields Lido


I feel like, since Christmas, things have begun to kick off with my #25at25 challenge. I’ve started running, I’m registered and paid up for the Great London Swim, I’m starting a four week burlesque course next week – it all suddenly seems very real. No more procrastination (for that, as you learned in this week’s video blog, is the thief of time).

So I thought it was about time I started scoping out a few other challenges. I’d been putting off the swimming in the lidos for obvious reasons – because it’s jeffing cold – but after a bit of research and some prompting from the Outdoor Swimming Society, I found out at least three of London’s lidos are heated. No more excuses, and yesterday I swam my first half mile in an open air pool at London Fields Lido.

I’m a water baby, so unsurprisingly, I loved it. It was a little brisk when getting out of the pool, but other than that, the whole experience was generally very pleasant. Can’t wait for the next.

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