Vblog: Pearls of Wisdom

You know those things you grow up hearing from your family? Like the “don’t go outside with wet hair or you’ll get a cold!” or “It’s all fun and games ’til someone loses an eye” type things. Every family has them. And when asking for suggestions from a couple of the girls at work for video blog ideas for this week, Jane suggested I drop a few truths Purkiss family style.

So this week’s video blog is a couple of pearls of wisdom from my excellent family. Featuring gems from Mum, Dad and two of my three grandparents, this is a little insight into the world I knew whilst growing up – and a few of the life lessons I carry with me at all times. They’re top, so you should take heed.

Update: Dad said he was surprised “you’ll get germs and die” or “there’ll be tears before bedtime” hadn’t made the cut. Maybe we’ll talk about them another time

As mentioned in the video blog, I’m now on JustGiving (yaaaaay!) and donations will be repaid with cuddles and big smiles. Though I had originally intended to treat the £500 charity target as a completely separate entity to that of the other challenges, I don’t think that was actually at all realistic and as such I’m fundraising for my #25at25 as a whole. I know some challenges are more worthy of sponsorship than others, but I hope to run a 10k separately (not a half marathon – quickly changed my mind after that moment of madness) in the Spring which will also add into the final total.

And lastly – I got a fringe. Yay!

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