#25at25 – Challenge 13

I had my first suggestion for a video blog recently. And I loved it. So I did it. This week, I’ve attempted to make one of Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals (Golden Chicken, Potato Gratin and Braised Vegetables) in 15 minutes. It went surprisingly well actually. Check it out here:

So I managed to create the meal in around 20-25 minutes which actually isn’t all that bad. The chicken was delicious – really nice seasoning, lovely and moist while the veg was tasty and fresh. The potato gratin probably could have benefited from a few more minutes in the pan, but only a few more, and I think had I sliced them a little thinner, it would have been fine.

I’d really recommend trying this recipe a) because it’s super tasty and b) because it is actually really quick, even if it’s not 15 minutes. As promised at the end of the video, here’s the pictures of the finished product. And my exhaustion after cooking it.



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