Challenge 19 – Make a Bakeoff Style Show-stopper

OK. I’m going to admit it. This wasn’t one of the hardest challenges I set myself. Though I’m no Ruby Tandoh (yes, I am team Ruby!) I’m no stranger to spending an afternoon baking. That being said, I’m not an elegant baker – bad language, clumsiness and a lot of decorational disasters are often the results of my endeavours – as I’m sure you’d expect if you know me. My baked goods usually taste pretty jazzy but look dire (as with most of my cooking, in fact). So I wanted to test myself and try to make something that looked like a show-stopper. In this instance, I was more concerned with style over substance – sorry Paul.

Big Sis Purk bought me a giant cupcake tin for my birthday (we reckon it’s about 15cm wide and 20cm tall), and I felt like it would have been rude not to embrace that for my show-stopper, so at around lunchtime today, I began my adventure. Several hours later (I think it was about five to be honest) I’d managed to rustle up a Victoria sponge cupcake, complete with whipped cream and jam in the middle, and decorated with pink buttercream icing and chocolate chips. Behold…(if you haven’t already seen it on social media)

ImageOverall, I’m pretty pleased with the finished giant cupcake product. I’m not sure Paul Hollywood would be particularly impressed with the damage at the back but sometimes structural issues just can’t be avoided, especially when your mixture splitting led to a bigger top than bottom. But it was a first attempt.

I’m not sure it’s quite a win yet, and I’m pretty sure I’ll bake again over the coming cold months, so challenge 19 might be re-attempted. Unless I make a worse job second time round. Or third time around. We’ll see.

If you’ve any recipe suggestions for another attempt at my Bakeoff challenge let me know!

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