Planning takes a little time…

Now I’m back from Texas, planning for #25at25 is properly underway, so I thought it would be a good idea to update you on my progress. Nothing has been completed as of yet but there’s a lot of stuff in the pipeline and I’ll be really getting going in the next few weeks. So this is where we’re at right now.


1. This is a list of 13 outdoor pools in London swim half a mile in 10 of them over the year

I haven’t swum in my first lido yet, but I’m hoping to do it over the next week or so. It’s tricky because of the time of year, and for several of the pools in the big smoke close over the autumn/winter months, but I’ve been eyeing up which ones are open and will get ON IT ASAP.

2. Get yourself on a TV game show

I’ve begun applying for TV Gameshows, with the assistance of my good friend Zeus (whose hobby it is to be on gameshows). We’re applying to Pointless (hopefully this week) and I’m going to try and get on a couple of other BBC shows including “Who Dares Wins” and “In It to Win It”

3. Attempt a London Eating Challenge of your choice

I’m waiting for the perfect challenge to come along for this one. Will definitely not be doing it anywhere near when I complete challenge 24, but keeping an eye on WJLondon.

4. Sing live Jazz or Blues in a jazz or blues bar (if poss with a live band) and invite all of the fifteen people on your 25/25 bucket club

I think this is going to be the last thing I do as part of my #25at25 challenge, and I’ll probably use it as the excuse to celebrate my 26th birthday (yep, already thinking about that).

5. Swim The Great London Swim in August 2014

Can’t sign up for this yet, but I’ve registered my interest and I’m waiting with baited breath for when registration opens! Poppa Purk has agreed to do it with me, and I’ve been researching wetsuits. Hoping to get my hands on a triathalon wetsuit (as these are better for swimming than regular wetsuits). Though they’re not the cheapest, I’ll be able to use the wetsuit for challenge 1 and challenge 25!

6. Raise £500 for a charity of your choice

Though I have a couple of challenges on here that I could combine with this one, I’ve decided that this challenge must standalone from the other. I’m probably going to do a couple of other things (perhaps walking a marathon, doing the Great North Run or even doing a sponsored silence!!) and am going to set up a JustGiving page in anticipation of these extra things. Whatever money I do raise will be split equally between Butterwick Children’s HospiceUPDATE: Due to functionality on JustGiving, I’m actually just going to give to Butterwick Children’s Hospice as I can’t select to donate to more than one charity. I’ve also decided that my expectations were waaaaaay too high and I will be using all of my challenges to help raise that £500. That being said, I will be running a 10k at some point this year and that will also be a contribution to the £500 target.

7. Go on adventure (definition: An unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity)

This one is pretty vague but my good friend Andy, who has a bit of a penchant for doing crazy things, has said he’ll assist me. He has experience in rock climbing, watersports and a whole load of other brilliant and exciting experiences so I’m putting myself in his hands for this challenge.

8. Learn to dance burlesque (at least two classes)

I’m going to do a course of four classes with Burlesque Baby. I’m just waiting for a Timeout deal to come along and then I’m going to get booked up! I understand they do a graduate show too – so, you might be able to pop along and see me perform. As long as I decide to let you.

9. Write a novel

This one seems like it should be terrifying me, but as it is, I’m feeling pretty relaxed about this challenge. I have the ideas, I just need to get my finger out and get them down on paper. Realistically I need to be writing regularly, i.e once or twice a week and now I’m back from Texas, there’s no excuse. It starts NOW.

10. Catch a squirrel OR eat a boiled egg

Not sure there’s any planning needed for this as such. After some concerns (mainly mine) about animal cruelty issues, this has been amended a it to get a squirrel on my lap or on my hand. I am NOT eating a boiled egg so I WILL be catching a squirrel. I’m going down to any of the Royal Parks armed with nuts and custard cremes.

11. Meet Auntie Kimmy and AJ at Legoland with Charlie (not sure if the challenge is getting them here from Australia?!)

The challenge is not getting them here from Australia – but Kimmy and AJ will be in the UK in June or July 2014, so it’s just a case of getting to Windsor. Easy peasy! This challenge has been 10 years in the making

12. Attend a concert of your choice – either a night at the Proms, a Choral Concert, an Opera or a visit to the Albert Hall for the Festival of Remembrance

This one is to be a “culture shock” from Glastonbury and the Blitz Party, so I’ve decided I’d like to see an opera. I’m a big theatre and dance fan, but I’ve never seen any opera. I’ve asked the lovely office manager at work for her top tips and I’ve got my eye on Madame Butterfly or La Traviata (the opera in Pretty Woman) both of which are coming to London in the coming months.


13. Create a YouTube channel (Alice25in52). Post one video each week.

Underway – check it out on YouTube here or find the posts tagged under Challenge 13

14. Create a video using the “Everyday” app – 365 selfies over the year of my #25at25 challenge


15. Run the 5k Colour Run

Like the London Swim, registration isn’t open yet for this, but I’ve registered my interest!

16. To ride the entire circle line, getting off at each stop to have a picture at the sign

My good friend Andrew set this challenge (for its full details check out the original list) and regretted it when I reminded him he had to get involved. There’s no official date for this yet, but whenever we do it, I’m opening it out to the masses so anyone can join us – be it for a few stops or the whole debacle, so keep your eyes open!

17. Learn to make a minimum of 3 balloon animals for Carly’s wedding next year

Researching balloon model kits…EBAY HERE I COME.

18. Do a ballroom dancing class

Ballroom dancing classes take place every Sunday in Colliers Wood (just down the road) so I will be dragging Chris to one of them (or maybe more if we love it!) in the coming weeks.

19. Make a bake-off style Show Stopper (recipe to be decided)

Big Sis Purk bought me an awesome giant cupcake tin for my birthday last month, so I felt like that was a sign. I’m going for a basic but extravagant Victoria Sponge style cupcake, with focus on the decoration. It’s probably going to take a couple of attempts, but I’m hoping to do the first attempt next weekend.

20. Dress up fancy and go somewhere dull

I have an awesome idea for this one. I’m excited about it, but need to wait till I’ve popped home in November to do it. Will keep you posted on when it’s going to happen!

21. Do a movie marathon of at least three films at a cinema

I keep forgetting about this one! But the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square often do marathon screenings, so I just need to pick one and pop along! There’s a Tarantino marathon on 23rd November which could be interesting, or an NYC in the 70s Marathon on

22. Perform 10 random acts of kindness, 5 of which must be for people you are not already acquainted with

I’ve been thinking about this one a lot – so far, I’ve decided I’m going to send a box of goodies to a soldier, pick up the bill for a stranger in a cafe, volunteer some time (I’ve been super lax on this lately) and maybe knit blankets for the homeless. The rest are still to come.

23. Attend an open audition for a West End show

This one is harder than it looks I think, but I’m going to get signed up on StarNow and keep my eyes peeled for opportunities.

24. Jaffa cake challenge – Eat 18 jaffa cakes in 1 minute

My colleague and friend Alex and I are going to do the Jaffa Cake challenge on Friday after work. I’m hoping to get this one in before Christmas.

25. Learn to SURF!

This is something I’ve always wanted to do but I’ve never got round to. I will probably wait until the water is a little warmer and I’ve got my wetsuit sorted. Or I might do it when I’m up North at Christmas and brave the cold.


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