25at25 Video Blog- Where to go from Journey?

I’m back for another video blog for #25at25. Not quite on the same level as last week but I’be been busy eating sausage tonight to have come up with anything else (OMG – Banger’s on Rainey Street – sensational!) so this is what I’ve got for you this week.

In terms of planning, I’ve been thinking a lot about the execution of my 25at25 challenges – and I am excited to get going when I get back from Texas. I think first up is bake a show stopper (when I’ve found the perfect recipe) and possibly dress up fancy and go somewhere dull – though I may need to wait until after I go home in November (to collect my fanciest dress).

Don’t go anywhere guys – 25at25 is about to get underway!

Pop back next Wednesday for my next video blog!

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