My two cents on Austin, TX


I arrived in Austin, Texas on the 23rd September. I’ve been here a little over a week, and I’m falling a little more in love every day. Though this isn’t my first visit to this lovely little place (I was here for a flash in April), I was given the chance to spend a fortnight here on a work trip.

From the people (who are friendlier than even the warmest of Northerners) to the vibrant yet relaxed atmosphere you feel as you roam through the streets and the sensational food scene that’s evident on every block, Austin feels to me like an incredibly unique city. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt as at home so quickly as I do in Austin. Even London took me a little longer to adapt to – and that’s not to say I don’t love the big smoke.

It’s not caught up in being a city like London, it’s not busy or suffocating like I find our capital from time to time. It’s home to a leisurely pace that’s very much concentrated on nurturing awesome live music, extensive (but not obsessive) exercise and tasty Tex-Mex food at the top of a tower of culinary delights. From the outside, it seems like it has the perfect balance of everything.


Hopdoddy is home to the best burgers of your life, while Barton Springs is the perfect place to make the most of the glorious sunshine this part of the world is lucky enough to receive or take a refreshing evening dip. Zilker Park is a welcome breathing space that transforms once a year into the state’s biggest music festival. Congress Avenue is a lively hub of activity while the city’s Trail allows you to wander along the Colorado River and take in gorgeous views of an exceptionally pretty skyline.

When I arrived, jet lagged, groggy and with a vague recollection of a whirlwind visit in April, I’d forgotten what Austin felt like. Breezy, fresh, warm, buzzing, hungry (maybe that was just me), and cready to offer up whatever you want to make of it.

I feel like there’s something here for everyone – but I can’t be sure if that’s just because this is my only experience of the USA, and really this is just what it feels like to be in the land of the free. I guess it doesn’t matter right now, because Austin is where I am right now – where I am lucky enough to be right now. I’ve still got so much more to experience as well – notably three days of incredible live music before I fly home on Monday.

Anyway – that’s my two cents. Bottom line? Austin is pretty awesome. Make sure you check it out if you get a chance.

And hey, it’s WEDNESDAY tomorrow. You know what that means? Video blog #3 for #25at25. Goodness only knows what will happen after last week. Pop back anyway. And if you’ve any suggestions for challenge 24 and 25 (yep, I’m still struggling), let me know!

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