The Royal Wedding – My Fever

After weeks of declaring myself completely uninterested in the Royal Wedding, I was suprised to wake up this morning struck down by a rather impressive bout of wedding fever.

I’m not one for weddings really – I don’t see myself getting married, and I’m not usually too fussy about other people’s weddings. It’s lovely if people want to show their love for another person, I’m all about that, but it’s just not quite the way I seem to work, it doesn’t make me gooey eyed, it doesn’t make me swoon. It’s just quite nice.

But this morning, with my two best friends and their mother’s (one of whom donned her own wedding dress, hilarious antics and excellent banter), a glass of champagne, salmon and cream cheese sandwiches (crusts off!), and a big screen telly, I found myself slightly giddy at the whole event.

As the guests arrived, it was hard not to think how Kate would be feeling. If a ‘normal’ bride is filled with trepidation, it’s hard to imagine how she must have felt, and I can’t imagine she’s slept for weeks, or been able to eat anything for days for nerves. But when she first appeared on that big screen telly, she looked everything a bride, a Princess, a Duchess, and a future Queen should look – proud, elegant, effortless and stunning (that’s why Camilla could never be Queen).

We felt the anticipation of women throughout the country as we awaited the first glimpse of the dress…and we were not disappointed. Designed, as rumoured, by Sarah Burton of the House of McQueen, Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge looked simply breathtaking, in a dress which will set trends, be remembered for years, and filled the abbey. Fitted like a glove, a timeless classic that the Duchess wore and was not worn by, Burton did Alexander McQueen proud in a tribute to a real star of British fashion.

For me, the other highlights included The Bishop of London quoting Saint Catherine of Sienna, who’s festival it was today:

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”

the phrase

“And she steps out into the spring sunshine a Princess,” during ITV’s coverage,

and the moment when the newlyweds stepped out onto the balcony, and Kate/Catherine (I like Kate better) clearly said “oh, wow!”

A really magical, patriotic, wonderfully fashionable day for the British.

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